Pre-order L4D2 , get a hat in TF2

3 11 2009

It appears that even Valve is following the trend of pre-order bonuses . As you can clearly see in this ad , ordering L4D2 early will get you Bill’s Hat in TF2 and 10% off .

Don’t have TF2 , then buy it . NOW ! (or wait for the next update for a free weekend and a price drop .)


Is Rockstar teasing the next GTA game ?

29 10 2009

Some smart folk noticed this advertisement in the Episodes From Liberty City’s manual , and kindly enough to scan it . This advertisement for the fictional movie “Liberty City It’s Over ” suggests that Rockstar is moving forward with their GTA franchise .

In the image is also written : “Opens March everywhere ” . Guess will have to wait for march (too bad they didn’t specify the year ) then .

Lockerz Invites

27 10 2009

Recently I got an invite to the Lockerz site , “a place for free stuff ”  . From what I have read over the web , this site seems to be legit . For those new to this : the site gives you points for logging in every day  and for those points you can buy stuff .

The catch is that there are very limited ammounts of each product is stock , and as soon as the new stuff arives , it gets devoured in a VERY short time . Still ,  I am giving away 20 invites . Simply post a comment to this and fill in your email, to which I will send the invite .

Secret organizations and a mon tage in new PS3 ads

24 10 2009

Two new Kevin Butler ads have hit the web today . The first one presents us with a  awesome ” Mon tage ” of games , mostly composed of PS3-exclusive titles . Also , we discover that Kevin Butler’s is really a rock star (and a kidnapper). Read the rest of this entry »

Fat Princess is getting updated

24 10 2009

The developers at Titan Studios announced that the 1.03 patch for the download-only game Fat Princess is coming very soon and will include some new content . Read the rest of this entry »

Uncarted 2 , Street Fighter 4 and Tekken 6 getting Home spaces

21 10 2009

On October 23 , 3 new PlayStation Home spaces will be opened to the public , for the games mentioned in the title .

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Meet : F!ZZ

16 10 2009

Vodpod videos no longer available.New GTA IV Ballad of Gay Tony trailer shows us the nightlife of Liberty City’s biggest stars . Does not include guns , action or explosions